Friday, October 17, 2008

Voting Your Pocketbook

MY MOTHER was born in Washington, Pennsylvania. She would smile broadly at this:

So a canvasser goes to a woman's door in Washington, Pennsylvania. Knocks. Woman answers. Knocker asks who she's planning to vote for. She isn't sure, has to ask her husband who she's voting for. Husband is off in another room watching some game. Canvasser hears him yell back, "We're votin' for the n***er!"

Woman turns back to canvasser, and says brightly and matter of factly: "We're voting for the n***er."

In this economy, racism is officially a luxury.

1 comment:

O.B. said...

Sweet mother of pearl, that is the BEST story I have heard in ages.

Umm, Senator McCain? Governor Palin? When you hear stories like that, it's time to fold up the tent and stop wasting money on robocalls. it ain't working.