Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Fight the Terrorist Smears

THERE'S A CONCERTED effort by the McCain campaign, with a huge assist from Chris Matthews on MSNBC and a scurrilous email smear effort, to paint Barack Obama as a sleeper-cell terrorist. I know speaking logic to fools is often a bridge to nowhere, but sometimes, we can get through to the other side. To anyone who receives these emails or who is challenged by someone person-to-person, please respond with something along these lines:

Do any of you really they think so little of our country's intelligence agencies that they would be so inept as to allow a terrorist to run for any national office, much less the presidency, and secure the nomination of one of its major political parties? Especially after 9/11?

Imagine the laughing stock we would be in the world if our nation's defense department was so ineffective.

What would our allies think about us?

If the Clintons, who have some of the best opposition research teams in the world, one of them was our president, after all, couldn't get anything on Barack Obama, there's nothing to get.

Barack Obama is not the enemy. Nor are other Americans with Semitic/Arabic names and brown skin. The kind of rhetoric going around can put the safety of people on the ground in jeopardy.

Times are tough. Folks are desperate. People are looking for scapegoats. They'll do just about anything: rob a store, kill their own family in a murder-suicide, attack anyone who looks "exotic", gas innocent children in a mosque, walk into a Unitarian church and open fire...

Vote for Obama or don't vote for Obama, but to demonize him with all this terrorist innuendo in a post 9/11 climate is dangerous and wrong and it needs to stop.

Barack Obama is the father of two beautiful girls. They need him to be safe. We need to keep our citizenry safe.

Please do the right thing and don't forward any emails and speak out against this dangerous smear campaign whenever you are confronted with it.


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Do we really want our intelligence agencies vetting candidates? Sounds like a recipe for disaster and a direct threat to democracy.