Friday, October 17, 2008

My 80-Year-Old Mother Just Called

I THOUGHT I had lived through the last of Joe McCarthy. But that lady from the North Pole takes the cake. Where did they find her anyway? Umph, umph, umph. Lord have mercy. They better watch out. You can't just call people un-American. We've gone through this already. God don't like ugly. I might have to have me a drink.”

That's all she wanted to say.

My mother is diabetic and hasn't had a sip of alcohol in 30 years.


rikyrah said...

Amen, Mama.


But, what do I know...I guess I live in the Anti-American part of the country.

muriel may campbell said...

God Bless Ms Minnie. I am with her. Ugly is ugly.
When you are 80 you can say anything you want and it is usually worth hearing, yes
Doesn't she also like to say, "wisdom knows wisdom"!
She is one in a million.
What a bitter sweet time for her.I can not imagine.

Anonymous said...

"I may have to have me a drink...."

Nuff said!

Anonymous said...

This is OT, but maybe not so much... the ugliness spewed by Michele Bachmann is both informed and allowed by what is spewing from the McCain camp. This morning I read that your Republican Senator from Maine, Susan Collins, made a public denouncement of the robo calls from the McCain campaign. I know nothing about her, but did appreciate her statement. Actually wrote and told her so. Months ago I said to someone that I didn't know if I had the stomach for what was ahead of us... I don't think I envisioned it would get this bad, yet somewhere deep I knew it would Tell your mother I'm throwing down a few myself these days...