Thursday, October 16, 2008

Talking Taxes With a GOP Fraud

MOST AMERICANS interested in politics have heard of Joe the Plumber by now. Well, he's a fraud. Seems to be an epidemic in the GOP.

The real story is the class and grace Barack exhibited when explaining his tax plan to a man who was clearly not going to give Barack his vote.

Leadership you can believe in.

Oh, yeah. The debate.

Barack won again. Watching it reminded me of my favorite sport.

It was a tennis match between a counterpuncher with weapons, and a big hitting, petulant, brash ball basher with no plan B.

As in tennis, the skilled, swift counterpuncher ran everything down, never got rattled, hit winners when he needed to, and forced the ball basher into error after error until he wore himself out and blew his top.

John McCain's biggest error? Mocking the health of pregnant women who might need a late-term abortion to preserve it.

I expect more women to flock to Barack. Women decide presidential elections even without a huge turnout of people of color and youth.

That was grave error from the Angry One.

If the three presidential debates constitute a straight-set victory in a Grand Slam final, then it was game, set, and match, Barack Obama 7-5, 6-3, 6-1.

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