Friday, October 10, 2008

Presidential Polls 10.10

Florida Strategic Vision (R) Obama 52, McCain 44 Obama +8
Georgia InAdv/PollPosition McCain 49, Obama 46 McCain +3
Ohio InAdv/PollPosition Obama 49, McCain 44 Obama +5 Ohio Strategic Vision (R) Obama 48, McCain 46 Obama +2
Wisconsin Research 2000 Obama 51, McCain 41 Obama +10

National FOX News Obama 46, McCain 39 Obama +7
National Gallup Tracking Obama 51, McCain 41 Obama +10
National Rasmussen Tracking Obama 50, McCain 45 Obama +5
National Hotline/FD Tracking Obama 48, McCain 41 Obama +7
National Reuters/CSpan/Zogby Tracking Obama 48, McCain 43 Obama +5
National GW/Battleground Tracking Obama 51, McCain 43 Obama +8

1 comment:

TruthSeeker said...

I watched his Invesco acceptance speech again, and thought it was also prescient. When he said the Repubs would be made to own their failure...then the economic crash came. They are frantically avoiding blame for economic woes. In fact, they're trying to blame poor black and brown people for taking out subprime mortgages; they're trying to blame ACORN.

I feel the race baiting at McCain/Palin rallies is part of that strategy. It's all to distract conservatives from asking hard's to salvage what's left of the Republican brand. They would fracture the country to save themselves.