Tuesday, October 21, 2008

MC Yogi: Obama '08 - Vote for Hope

BEST video of the campaign. Now get up and dance.


Anonymous said...

LOVE IT! so amazing to keep feeling the positivity.

Anonymous said...

Hey Craig,

Something happened this weekend that made me think of you. I went to high tea with some friends that came in town to visit. A lovely place I go to quite often for tea. Yes, black folks go to high tea...so anyway..

I see the owner Beverly walking around doing her usual thing with the guess and as she got closer, I heard bits and bits of her conversation. She was talking about the debates. I tend to be a little nosey when it comes to this campaign; want to see what other people are thinking. She finally got to our table to chat and she asked if we were going to vote. We all looked at her like...ummm yeah..

She said that she has been telling people that Barack was the best choice. She had a really good spill. It really helps that she's so personalble and really sweet. She said that she had convinced 6 people yesterday and two today.

She talked about the issues with the crowd and was willing to answer any questions.

She is using her business to GOTV and we were so impressed with her efforts. Two sistahs told her that they were driving people to the polls.

So, I thought of you because you do the same at bed and breakfast.

Craig Hickman said...


Every little bit helps!