Wednesday, May 07, 2008

'We Now Know...

WHO the Democratic nominee's going to be."


MRMacrum said...

An excellent result for Barack. Maybe now Hillary will turn down the heat in this divisive party squabble and throw her considerable influence behind someone who has a real chance to defeat McCain.

muriel may campbell said...

Yes, he can.. we had no doubt,:-)

Do you know what the total delegate count is,
now that it is Wed, May 7,2008,if you count all states, including Maine?

oddman said...

Interesting. Her speech last night was a bit telling, no? I still doubt she will back down, despite pundits saying she should now.

Craig Hickman said...

em, the tally is 1845 -1693.

oddman, Mrs. Nixon is taking this all the way till the end.

Or until her daughter convinces her to stop.

Whichever comes first.