Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Day Remembrance

READ The Resurrection Table.

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muriel may campbell said...

Hey Craig,

In honor of Memorial Day and in memory of fathers I thought I would comment on your post on "The Resurrection Table."
Thank you for sharing the pictures of your dad, his head stone and the gardens you and Jop planted in his memory, for your Mom. You are a good son. Your generosity and kind heart (and Jop's) does not surprise me.
I am sure that your Dad is smiling down on you and the angels have blessed you. While reading your story, when you said your Dad approved of the garden, that you thought you would hold off telling him about his albums, I thought, ahhmmm your Dad's albums were probably like his children, yes?
We planted trees and gardens in memory of our father as well.
So often people turn to the earth when someone passes on. Maybe it is a way of being closer to God, the creator or participating in nurturing new life, whatever the reason it speaks volumes about love.
My dad was born Oct 21,1917, three years earlier than your Dad. He passed away in 1991, a few months after Easter. That holiday, in some ways was never the same. Probably because it takes place in springtime and we would do things like fly kites and play outside after the Easter feast.

My Dad was an MP in the Army in W.W.11 He was stationed in Italy.

For the 50th anniversary of the war PBS ran a special that I wish my dad had been alive to watch with us. Did you and your dad happen to catch it?They explored the emotional aspect of the war. The fact that men and women never spoke about what went on, a shared code of silence. They morned for fifty years, and some still do. We would ask my dad questions but he always avoided them.
They all seem to have the same feeling, that of great sadness for those who perished, some guilt for living when so many of their fellow soldiers died Many broke down when they relived their individual experiences. They were and are our hero's.