Thursday, May 22, 2008

The War on Barack Obama

SO in the last week, today inclusive, we have:

Barack Obama draws 75,000 people, almost all of them white, to a rally in Portland. The corporate media hardly notices. I guess the revolution won't be televised after all.

Hillary wins Kentucky big; Obama wins Oregon big. The media obsesses over Obama's "problem" with white voters.

All the Clinton surrogates go on air and say that Hillary has won the popular vote.

John McCain tells a group of Cuban Republicans that Barack will have an unconditional meeting with Raul Castro. That's a lie. But it's repeated by all of McCain's surrogates.

Geraldine "He Wouldn't Be Here If He Wasn't Black" Ferraro goes on another media tour and says that Barack is a sexist.

The View peddles the suggestion that a man is stealing the nomination from the woman and people are mad at the woman for complaining about it.

Clinton gives a radio interview that says a whole bunch of sexists and misogynists have hurt her chances to win the nomination.

Clinton peddles the notion, in Florida, no less, that Barack's place at the top of the ticket would be illegitimate, akin to Bush winning the 2000 general election. Not to mention Zimbabwe.

Lanny Davis, a Clinton surrogate, goes on Fox News and claims that the "liberal" media has given Hillary the shaft while being soft on Barack, and that Fox is the most objective network. He also claimed that he now knows what Republicans, who are based in the liberal media, feel like.

The New York Times and the cable news outlets are peddling the lie that Obama has trouble with Jews, despite a recent Gallup poll analysis that suggests the reverse.

Mortimer Zuckerman is telling Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC that Barack is willing to talk to Hamas, even though that's a flatout lie. Andrea Mitchell lets the lie go unchallenged.

Underneath this interview is a headline that says: OBAMA CONTINUES TO CLAIM HE'S CHRISTIAN, NOT A MUSLIM

The corporate media cherrypicks a few polls that suggest Obama would lose Florida and Ohio to McCain while Hillary would beat McCain in Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Offers all this up as BREAKING news.

The War on Barack Obama is in full throttle.

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