Sunday, May 11, 2008


AS I sit and reminisce
I am reminded of your
strength and courage in the
face of hardships. I

see a little boy safe under
your wings of love grown strong
from storms of broken dreams
blizzards of pain. But

you prevail, weary
but wiser to impart your
insight deep
within him. He

honors you such
a remarkable woman
unfaltering amidst
life’s contrary ways.

You always see
tulip bulbs in
dense weeds
leaf buds on

bare trees foretelling
the mystery of rebirth,
reflecting all the
majesty that is you. He

hopes to return to you,
unyielding, the blessings
of your love
fully blossomed.

Cherishing, respecting
loving you
the little boy, grown-up
reveres his mother.


Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

Beautiful and most appropriate for Mother's Day.

Third Mom said...

Beautiful. Thanks for posting this.