Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Jennifer Hudson: True Christian

Photo: Matthew Rolston for Interview

Terrance over at The Republic of T. posted an extensive background on some recent Jennifer Hudson controversy. To sum it up, she did an interview with the Dallas Voice who headlined the interview with the inflammatory, “‘Dreamgirl’ says, Gay is a sin.”

Well, that isn’t exactly what she said. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

As a Baptist who’s singing at circuit party, has Hudson reconciled her spiritual beliefs and her gay fan base? Does she support same-sex marriage?

“Nobody has ever asked me these questions,” she says.

“Everybody sins,” Hudson continues.

“No sin is greater or different than the other. To each his own. If it don’t bother Jennifer, then Jennifer don’t mind. I don’t really even think about it because I don’t believe in judging people for what they do.”

Many took these remarks as homophobic. Not I.

My mother, who attended my wedding, who would not let us sleep together in her house until we were married (and we got married in Massachusetts long before it became “legal” to do so), but who now does, embraces my husband as her son-in-law, and would go out on every long limb to protect our simply divine union against any foolishness. Yet, she still believes gayness is a sin. But so what. That’s her belief. She isn’t acting on it, is she? That’s all that matters in the end. She has found a way to reconcile those contradictions in her heart, a courageous and Herculean task as devout as she is, and that means kudos to her.

Jennifer Hudson’s expression of her honesty is alright with me, and I don’t think she was trying to appease anyone, nor was she trying to offend anyone, by saying it.

When J-Hud found out that she was being cast as a homo-hater, she responded with these words on her blog [via The Republic of T. via PlanetOut]:

In a recent interview, I was asked how I reconciled being a Christian with performing at events for my gay fans. I find it upsetting that some folks equate being a Christian with being intolerant of gay people. That may, unfortunately, be true for some, but it is not true for me. I have talked often of my love and support of the gay community. I have said again and again that it was the gay community that supported me long before and long after ‘American Idol,’ and kept me working and motivated.

It is the gay community that celebrated my voice and my size and my personality long before Dreamgirls. Yes, I was raised Baptist. Yes, I was taught that the Bible has certain views on homosexuality. The Bible also teaches us not to judge. It teaches us to love one another as God loves us all. I love my sister, my two best friends and my director dearly. They happen to be gay. So what? While some search for controversy, I hope that my friends and fans who know me, know where I stand.
Yes, Jennifer, some of us do. We can see that you are a true Christian. And we will continue to support you no matter who tries to twist your words and create drama where there is none.

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Peterson Toscano said...

Well said. Why oh why do some Christians think they have to assert their spiritual pedigree by bashing Christians.

What a wonderful modle Jennifer Hudson provides.

(ooo, I can't wait to see Dreamgirls! The trailer looks so good)

Hound Doggy said...

I discovered your blog through kim kim. There aren't a lot of guys who write about reunion so I am excited to read the book.

Happy holidays to you and yours!

Craig Hickman said...

Thanks, reunited dan. Same to you and yours. I'll check out your blog soon!

Craig Hickman said...

peterson, your question is so on point!

Thanks for stopping by.

BaseballGeek said...

What bothers me SO much is that the media jumps on stories about "Another Christian bashes homosexuality," but when a Christian speaks the true Word from the Bible, it gets picked up in smaller venues (like this blog) and not by the major media.

So, a majority of folks will just hear the gay bashing story and believe it.

Thanks for posting this. Jennifer is an amazing talent and, as it turns out, a bright light for Christianity.

Craig Hickman said...

While I may not always be a fan of the Christian church as an institution (another story for another time), I have nothing against those who preach and live by Christ's teachings of love and forgiveness and love and forgiveness (and did I mention love?) That is pure divinity to me.

Thanks for stopping by, reedster.

Anonymous said...

Just because Jennifer is a star does not mean that she is responsible for what her audience wants to do. Just like, in church, your pastor can preach, but he has no control over what the congregation does when they walk out of the building. God loves Gay people, but he does not love the sin. Jennifer couldn't change a Gay person if she tried, but we must not pretend that is OK either. I think the best thing is to let them know that practicing homosexuality is WRONG and they must be told of the consequences of continuing in it. Its more than a sin-its an abomination. Famous people often comprimise their faith by being lukewarm about the topic, because half of their fanbase is Gay! I think the best thing, is not to comment, that way you can go on about your business and only deal with a soul who is not reprobate and actually wants help. Thats what I think anyway.