Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Obama Loses Ohio and Texas

HO HUM. I guess I'll drink myself to sleep. I have too much to say, but probably won't say it. At least not this morning. This feels like it's over for Obama, math be damned. He's fighting, but he can't show it. He's defending, but he can't attack.

Fear trumps hope. Still.


wbg said...

Come on Craig, don't lose your faith(or is it believe??) in him! Look how Hillary is coming back, why shouldn't he?

Hope you don't have a hangover???:))

MRMacrum said...

The Fat Lady has not even gotten up to sing yet. Sure it was a setback, but hardly a campaign ender.

Anonymous said...

Delegates, not perception or momentum , choose the candidate. She was supposed to win these states by 10-20 points as of 2 weeks ago. Obama has made great inroads in her strongholds. Would i liked to have seen a KO form BO? Absolutely, but now its time to take a breath, look forward to his next two victories in Wyoming and Mississippi, where he will gain back the few delegates lost yesterday and then on to Pennsylvania. The question this week is whether those 50 super delegates Tom Brokaw was talking about will come out to support him this week.

Craig Hickman said...

Clinton has already used her machine power to stop those supederdelegates from announcing. She's made it clear that Ohio has told the nation and party who should be the nominee.

Obama's breakthrough is spiritual. But he threatens the foundations of the political machinery and therefore, he can't win.

Clinton is going to continue to lie blatantly and slyly in order to undermine Obama's credibility, create doubt, raise suspicions, race bait, and it's going to keep working.

She's going to continue to play the victim card when it's most beneficial while stabbing Obama in the back at the same time.

She's a Republican passing herself off as a Democrat and it's going to work.

She will win Pennsylvania, sue to get the Florida and Michigan delegates sat at the convention, and take this election the only way she knows how.

She can't beat him fair and square, but she's never been interested in fair or square.

She's not a woman. She's Machiavelli.

America might be ready for change, put politics isn't.

Anonymous said...

Hey Craig,
BO only had a net loss of 4. He's still over 160 delegates ahead, with 611 left to win. Jop is right, he is still in good shape.
It hasn't been a dull race though. Politics can be brutal.
His voting record does not look great. However, I believe he has had to participate in the dance of legislation in order to get where he is today ... and yet, his promise to take our country where the people want us to go; I believe he means to do just that. He reminds us. that participation in democracy requires eternal vigilance and participation by the people. We ultimately have the power to steer the course of this country, and in a Kennedyesque way lead the world not by force but by example.
It'd good to hear you articulate your feelings. Keep the faith. Yes we can.