Monday, March 24, 2008

Students Organized For Obama

EVEN STUDENT GROUPS echo the candidate's campaigns on campus.

While Clinton, whose father played football for Penn State in the 1930s, has plenty of student supporters, her team lags in organization. As of last week, they still lacked permission to set up tables in key locations such as Hetzel Student Union Building.

Meanwhile, Obama's people have set up camp near the sushi stand in the food court, registering students to vote under a grinning cardboard visage of the senator from Illinois. Dorm room doors are decorated with green posters -- a tiny shamrock creating an apostrophe in "O'bama."

It won't be enough for Obama to overcome the political machine in Pennsylvania, pull of the upset and end the race, finally, but it shows just how effective community organizing is in a bottom-up democracy.

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