Monday, August 11, 2008

Those Fighting The War Against Barack

THOSE FIGHTING the war against Barack are making their voices louder, all at the same time.

Such a fever pitch.

Their intent is clear.

Barack must be stopped at all costs.

The confluence of recent events on the campaign trail is no coincidence. I don't need to cite any examples. If you're paying attention, you know exactly what I'm talking about. If you aren't, then ignorance is bliss.

Those fighting the war against Barack are targeting delegates to the national convention and they're dog whistling to nutcases.

The next five months is going to be a turning point in American history.

That's where we are.

You can say I'm positing a "sky is falling" overreaction, but history provides plenty of evidence that the mood and atmosphere that exists right now is just the kind that precipitates stopping insurgent leaders from claiming power.

Doesn't matter the political system.

The tools of propaganda, at once blatant and insidious, work anywhere.

John McCain is the most dangerous presidential candidate I've witnessed in my lifetime.

Those fighting the war against Barack would make you think Barack deserves that description.

Those fighting the war against Barack are flat-out making stuff up in order to inflame folks.

You better believe this is the most important election in 100 years.

Pray for Barack and his family if you are inclined to do so.



muriel may campbell said...

President Bush just sent a warning to Russia. The mood is very serious.

Your post is good Craig. I believe Obama is going to win but we should not become too comfortable because you make an important point.

The powers that be are doing what they are designed to do. Keep the status

quo, keep the poor, poor. Keep the masses distracted by life and quiet.
It is not personal, it is political. The "it" is not a person, it is Corporate America, they are not responsible to Moral, not even ethical questions,

they are responsibly to only one God, the stock holders, who hide behind

the Corporation.

My dad passed away seventeen years ago on Aug 19.
I wish he were here to talk with. He is loving this political change, I am sure.
He warned us that we were going to lose the middle class as early as the sixties.
He was a life long democrat.He had a lot of respect for Jack and Bobby Kennedy.
He believed in tithes offering in church and giving back to the world.
Dad believed everyone could become a millionaire and he believed that once that happened you have a responsibility to the hungry, the poor, the ill. He followed Christ, like he was a verb.

Dad was a corporate man when that title meant security for the worker, stock options that paid out, and pension funds that also paid out when you retired.
My dad had a small desk in the plant. He had a big office with a secretary but chose to eat his bag lunch often with the men that built the business.
He was an American. His mother, my Nana, came to this country at age 16 with her brother.
Irish immigrants, they wanted to get an education and live the American dream.

The Republican party had done us a disservice, when they decided to make "regulations" a dirty word.
Without holding big financial groups like Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae accountable, with restrictions attached to the backing Congress offered them in the bail out recently, we could be in for a depression unlike the world has ever seen.
It is all there to look at.
Some of the brightest insiders talk about it,

but not enough for most busy Americans to observe.

We do have the power, now we just have to believe...

some things should be a birth right, like civil rights, usury laws, even health care.

We began this country with slaves and have not dealt with that, so how do we see what has gone on for thirty years with that kind of history and guilt?

We believe in what is right, we remember what is true and we stand up and be accountable for the future of our country and then we hold our elected leaders feet to the fire.


O, yes,
I say it plain,
America never was America to me,
And yet I swear this oath--
America will be!
Langston Hughes

After we elect Barack Obama our first American President for all of the people,
we should celebrate;
We should have the biggest party this country has ever seen. We should dance, eat, sing, dance some more for days, a week.
That way we will never forget.

I get the feeling that we are all doing what we are supposed to do, what we do best, lift each other up, and grow America.
You are a gardener of people as well, Craig

Anonymous said...

I believe Sen. Obama will win, but I agree that we must keep our eyes and ears open.

Anonymous said...

I see that alternate opinions are not welcome here- even ones submitted politely and in good will.


muriel may campbell said...


We arrived home just now to find two notes in our email. We commented on FTD in support of the author, a friend, and understood his intent.
Normally we would not respond to an anonymous post, perhaps the author has the same policy.
By the way, I am well acquainted with lame. I was a partially paralyzed for five years. Forgive my facetiousness; I'm just trying to illustrate the point that disparaging remarks may diminish both the giver and receiver.
Be well.

Craig Hickman said...

I will delete any comment that presumes to know the motivations of anyone who posts here.

Offer an alternative viewpoint, but leave the personal drama out of it.


Thanks, em.