Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Cowboy Governor

THE "KEYNOTE" speech you didn't see.

While the cynics passing themselves as journalists bantered on and on about how the Democrats weren't offering their viewers any "red meat" by attacking John McCain head on, Montana governor Brian Schweitzer was at the podium serving up big fat slices of prime rib.

His collar adorned with a bolero tie, his western accent exaggerated, he started slowly. But by the time he finished, my side was split by wild laughter, my voice grown hoarse from screaming "More of the same!" and I was thoroughly revitalized from the long yawn former Virginia governor Mark Warren delivered as the keynote.

So was the entire crowd.

This was theater at its best. Like being in a saloon and having some buzzed, swashbuckling rancher stand up and tell the folks why they couldn't, why they shouldn't vote for more of the same.

But more than that, Schweitzer spoke of working with his Republican lieutenant governor to enact middle-class tax cuts, grow a budget surplus, and create renewable energy sources unmatched by most states.

And George W. Bush's sidekick was spared no punch.

Take a look.

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rikyrah said...

he totally rocked. thank goodness for C-Span. He kicked serious butt, and talked about our energy issues in a way that Forrest Gump could understand. Damn, he was ON FIRE!