Monday, September 01, 2008

Slideshow: Our Leaders

ONE OF THE great things about attending national convention is that you get to see all sorts of government officials and leaders that you normally only see on television. These are the ones I got to take pictures of.

(You can click on the slideshow at anytime to go to the photo album that includes the pictures and download them for yourself if you wish.)


Anonymous said...

Craig: Enjoyed the "electric slide" - CH style!! :>)

rikyrah said...


did you get any sleep?

you met everyone except for Obama and

Great slideshow

rikyrah said...

Speaking of Joe, did you see the 60 Minutes interview?

I'm going to say this, outside of Richardson and The Cowboy Governor, I think Obama chose well.

I think Joe is totally RIDE OR DIE

TruthSeeker said...

Run, Forrest, Run!!!


Thanks, Craig. These are wonderful.

How's your book going?

Anonymous said...

awesome pics!

Craig Hickman said...

rikyrah, I didn't sleep. And I haven't even put together the celebrity/TV personality slideshow yet.

(I passed on the chance to photograph Jonathan Capehart. I just couldn't allow myself to take his picture.)

I saw the 60 Minutes interview and I think he chose well, too.


truthseeker, you are witnessing my book-in-progress.