Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Lies of Sarah Palin (and John McCain)

THE LIES just kept coming during the Republican Convention….

Below are some of the lies told by Sarah Palin

Sidenote: Palin didn’t write the speech….it was prepared for her by Republican handlers.

Lie/Distortion #1
: She claimed to be an advocate for Special needs children and presented the McCain/Palin Ticket as shepards for the Health of children.

Fact: Palin eliminated funds for teenaged mothers in her State. And as for McCain… he voted against expanding Schip to millions of American children. Remember the 12 year old boy who Republicans attacked last year? Here’s a link to refresh your memory.

A great compilation of her lies CAN BE FOUND HERE.

Just spread the truth. One voter at a time.

[Direct from JJP]


dave crockett said...

C -

The lies and distortions need debunking. But the point of it seems to me is to keep the progressive base fired and keep regular people in the habit of holding politicians accountable.

I think what we cannot do is waste time, energy, and effort trying to convince people to get off the "Straight Talk Express" before it goes barreling over the oncoming cliff.

American Conservatism has devolved into an embryonic form of fascism. This week's Rep. convention confirmed the point perhaps beyond any reasonable doubt. These folks have officially reached the point where no lie is too big, no person too woefully unprepared, no principle too sacred to conveniently toss aside. Any act intended to defeat the liberal leviathan is service to God & Country.

I just hope that every lie the fact-checkers catch them in brings new people to the polls, and keeps the rest of us vigilant for other lies and dirty tricks.

Craig Hickman said...


Spot on.

The Republican convention was nothing shorty of frightening.

It all looked like the rise of the Third Reich, right down to the war pornography.

This election represents the end of the road.