Thursday, September 18, 2008

Announcing The Launch Of The Voter Suppression Wiki - Learn, Report, Act

by Jack Turner, Jack and Jill Politics

IT’S THAT TIME in the American political cycle again, when politicians and activists and famous people and your family members tell you how important it is to vote. They tell you this election is more important than ever. They tell you if you don’t vote, you don’t count.

But what about the votes that don’t count? What about the systematic attempts to erect barriers between voters and the ballot box? What about voter suppression?

In order to educate, document and mobilize action, I’m excited to introduce the Voter Suppression Wiki.

Inspired by my fellow blogger, rikyrah, at Jack and Jill Politics, plus input from several online and voting rights activists, the purpose of the wiki is to have a central location to coordinate information and action around efforts to suppress the vote in this 2008 election.

Here’s a video intro I made at a most ridiculous hour this morning.

And a great intro written up by Jon Pincus, who helped a lot with the setup and was one of the main forces behind Get FISA Right.

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