Monday, September 08, 2008

Cultural Activism 101

YOU GOTTA read this: White People, Can We Talk?

I gave the writer kudos. She took it to a receptive audience and nailed it without being at all inflammatory. Money quote:

What you are seeing in your lives, in the people around you and in the tight polling is the reality that comes with our choice. When we as Democrats and others who wanted change voted for Barack Obama and made him our Nominee, we took a huge gamble. White American's have had a lot more experience being brainwashed to be afraid of black men meaning them harm than white Republicans meaning them harm. You're right in this environment the race shouldn't be this close, but there shouldn't be any such thing as racism either. This is our reality, a reality that Barack has lived with and overcome all of his life. Now it's a part of yours too. So buck up, suck it up and get to work like Barack is 10 points down because he may be.

Barack can win and I trust he knows how to win, but we can't help him win if we freak out about what comes with the realities of having a black nominee every time [bigots] rear their ugly heads. Just like almost everything else in America, politics is harder if you are black. I think the Bradley Effect is already in these polls so things look closer then they should be in a non-racist, perfect world. Getting Barack Obama into the White House is the most audacious and improbable political endeavor in American history. Never forget that and never forget why.

Class dismissed.


Anonymous said...


I read this dailykos article while at work and couldn't rec or comment over there. But inside myself I was chanting thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou.

And thank you Craig for highlighting it.

I need to go log in and rec and say thanks to the author.

So on point.

PS on a totally other and completely random note just because I am posting here:

I can't stop listening to -- of all things -- Let the River Run by Carly Simon (who I don't even like). You know, from the 80s, the theme from Working Girl. I just put it on repeat and listen over and over. I got the CD from the library because it was haunting me -- a sound-memory from two decades ago.

The music says something to me about the election. How weird is that?

Craig Hickman said...


I love that song! It's been awhile since I heard it, so now I'm going to listen to it on the internet.