Sunday, February 17, 2008

Milwaukee Newspaper Endorses Barack Obama

Barack Obama greets Gov. Jim Doyle, who's also endorsed Obama, yesterday at the Democratic Party dinner at the Midwest Airlines Center. (Photo/Rick Wood)

MY HOMETOWN NEWSPAPER, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (when I grew up the Sentinel was the morning paper; the Journal the evening; now they are one) has endorsed Senator Barack Obama for the Democratic Nomination just days before Wisconsinites go to the polls to cast their primary ballots this Tuesday.

As someone who believes Senator Clinton can win the state by a narrow margin, the Journal Sentinel endorsement might tip the scales in Obama's favor. Here's some of what the paper's editors had to say:

Our recommendation in Wisconsin's primary on Tuesday for the Democratic nomination is Barack Obama. That's our recommendation because change and experience are crucial to moving this country forward after what will be eight years of an administration careening from mistake to catastrophe to disaster and back again.

The Illinois senator is best-equipped to deliver that change, and his relatively shorter time in Washington is more asset than handicap.

The Obama campaign has been derisively and incorrectly described as more rock tour than political campaign and his supporters as more starry-eyed groupies than thoughtful voters.

If detractors in either party want to continue characterizing the Obama campaign this way, they will have seriously underestimated both the electorate's hunger for meaningful change in how the nation is governed and the candidate himself.

Wisconsin has such an interesting political climate it could be a decisive state in the general election in November. Especially if the race pits Obama against Senator McCain. I'm sure McCain Democrats are all over America's Dairyland. Independents love them both.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. In the meanwhile, I'm happy that the first newspaper I ever read has come out in support of Obama.

Now let me get on the phone and start calling everyone I know in the Badger State.

Barack Obama at the Founder's Day Gala

Barack Obama in Milwaukee

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