Monday, April 21, 2008

Say It Again!

I AM a 60 year old white male who has never registered with any political party. The character and record of the individual candidate the only issues that count. Paglia, an astute political observer and cultural historian, has given us a penetrating insight into Hillary. She is constantly morphing her costume, hair, and public statements to maximize the political outcome. At her core one finds a moral vacuum surrounded by vanity. Her only "principle" (if on can call it that)is a delusion of intellectual superiority to all, men and women alike.

"On the question of experience, Hillary has had a healthy taste of the possession of power, but she has never wielded that power to create anything of tangible and lasting value.

"Come November, after all the nominating conventions are over, if Hillary is the Democratic candidate, the choice is easy. McCain, a Republican, long-established public servant and war hero, will provide the balance for the Democratic majorities in both House and Senate which will almost certainly result. Should Barack Obama emerge as the candidate, a genuine decision will be necessary. The press will deeply probe his background, achievements and failures. A comparison will be made, and the two men will be judged.

"My choice has not been made should the Obama-McCain situation obtains.

"One thing is certain. If Hillary and her motley revenue of residual trailer-trash retainers from Arkansas and the new cadre of star-struck guileless youth enters the White House, the USA will sustain a tragedy exceeded in its magnitude only by the Civil War."

Greg Vermeychuk, a commenter on the article "Why women shouldn't vote for Hillary Clinton," by Camille Paglia, published today


muriel may campbell said...

Thank you for posting this letter from M Moore. We want to make a point about Obama not bringing up the fact that Rev Wright counseled the Clinton's following the Monica scandal during the recent debate, despite Clinton's attacks on him.
Obama is a considerate man. He would never embarrass anyone like that, even if he is a politician, he is first an honorable man, a gentleman.
In his book, The Audacity of Hope, he gives several examples of how he sees people, the commonality they share, even those who's "political positions are diametrically opposed," to his- even Bush!
Obama is the real deal to be sure. It is interesting to hear people reveal their "Obama momemt", it allows for pundits and the alike to lift up who Obama is, adding strenght to the number of Om's to come!
Lastly, I think it should be said and repeated often, the reality that we must all be with him once he is in the White House. I know from personal experience that once you have been in a train reck it is hard to get back in the train. But that is when our collective work will really pay off, for this country and for the world as a whole.

Craig Hickman said...

I agree, em.

I agree.

muriel may campbell said...

The comment posted above was supposed to be under the letter from Michael Moore.
I tried to correct a type o and inadvertanly posted it here! Sorry about that! Just goes to show how little I know about computers. I am amazed that I'm still typing!

After reading "Say it Again", I had to go on to read C. Paglia's view on Clinton.

Several of the comments were not very gracious. This one, posted by a male,seems about right when one thinks of Hillary as a feminist:

"The problem with Hillary is that a certain crudeness and meanness lingers behind everything she does. I, for one, am a man who can easily admire a strong woman and at the same time differentiate her from someone who is just a 'b**ch.
Feminism is all about the former and little about the latter."

When ever change happens does not the pendulum swing to the extreme before it settles into a comfortable middle? Just a thought :-)