Thursday, April 03, 2008

Jimmy Carter Endorses Obama ( Sort of)

MAKE of this what you will:

Former President of the United States, Jimmy Carter has hinted that he might cast his vote for Senator Barack Obama to aid his emergence as the candidate for the Democrats in America’s bid to elect a new President.

Carter, who is a Super Delegate from Georgia State, gave this hint at a media interaction after the Carter Center Awards for Guinea Worm Eradication in Abuja yesterday.

Carter, who was accompanied by his wife Rosalynn, did not profess a direct support for Obama but rather choose to make a veiled statement.

“We are very interested in the primaries. Don’t forget that Obama won in my state of Georgia. My town which is home to 625 people is for Obama, my children and their spouses are pro- Obama.

My grandchildren are also pro- Obama. As a Super Delegate, I would not disclose who I am rooting for but I leave you to make that guess," he said.


Anonymous said...

Has to be true!!!

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

Of course it has to be true. You watch: He's being a little coy about it right now. But Jimmie Carter will come out and publicly say so in a few days. He called Bush out for pre-emptively invading and occupying Iraq, something presidents almost never do (criticize a standing US president). He wrote a book criticizing Israel for its mistreatment of Palestinians. He's a man of courage. He'll endorse Obama.

Anonymous said...

I hadn't had much doubt that Carter would make some type of statement supporting Obama. I think he'll hold off on a full endorsement for a while though.

I just stumbled your blog as I was searching for info to put together an adult adoptee voting guide. God stuff here.

Craig Hickman said...

Obama also said that if he got to the White House he would make Al Gore a big part of his cabinet, or maybe more.

Is that a veep tease?

Anonymous said...

nothing "courageous" about supporting a winning candidate. hillary knows she lost, she just has to raise money to make up for debt. that's all. she lost. she's a LIAR. and everyone knows it.