Monday, April 14, 2008

Real Americans

SO, as dNA over at Jack and Jill Politics points out, the recent over-hyped brouhaha about Barack Obama's bitter Truth reveals a culturally and racially exclusive myth that has been used to keep us divided by those who seek to keep and consolidate their power:

"Real Americans" are, white working class folks from Middle America who don't like gay people, colored people, and immigrants; who have deep (institutional) religious convictions and own guns.

I guess that would make mea natural-born citizen from Middle America who's gay, colored, immigrant-accepting, with deep (non-institutional) spiritual convictions and no gunsa foreigner in almost every way. Or worse.

I guess I could be insulted, but this meme is far too old to have much sting.

But it keeps those "real Americans" right where the powermongers want them: terrorized by poverty, insecurity, and fear.

And oh, so easy to exploit.

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