Friday, January 12, 2007

When I First Saw You, I Said, “Oh, my…”

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How long has this been going on?

It’s been a quite a journey
since you stepped back into my life
on January 12, 1997.

Since then, my life has been full.

Full of love, joy, mystery, and challenge.

You ushered me to the threshold of my

birth mother’s door.

You showed courage when you stood up to

your family to defend our marriage.

You sat by my side when I was so close to death

I could see the other side; but you pulled me back
to be with you once more.

You made my dream to get my first full-

length book into the world come true.

You put up with me, no easy task.

Thank you for 10 years of love,

joy, mystery, and challenge.

And here’s to many more.

Happy Anniversary

With all my love,

Your husband,



SamuraiFrog said...

Happy Anniversary. You both look very happy, and that made me feel good this morning. Thanks for sharing that joy.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to you and your husband!!! We celebrate our 10th this year too.