Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm Begging

TODAY was supposedly the final day that any delegate who hasn't received an inauguration ticket would be notified. Despite receiving the beautiful commemorative invitation I blogged about last week, I never received the magic email on how to procure an actual ticket.

I was informed shortly after the election by a reliable source that all national convention delegates would receive a ticket to the swearing in.

Within the last few days, conflicting information has surfaced that not all delegates are guaranteed a ticket.

Today, I wrote one last email to the presidential inauguration committee.

My name is Craig Hickman. My email is craighickman at aol dot com. I was a National Convention Delegate for Barack Obama. I phonebanked and canvassed throughout the primaries and the general election. I blogged and blogged and blogged about Barack on my blog Fumbling Toward Divinity. I hosted Obama field organizers and state convention delegates in my home for the Maine state convention. I donated as much money as I could. I worked with SEIU to get out the vote on election day in Lewiston, Maine. I've been defending Barack's transition choices, even the controversial ones, on DailyKos and on Jack and Jill Politics, almost everyday since election day.

I'm not too proud to beg. I'm begging.

Please, send me an email with information on how to get ticket(s) to the swearing in or I swear I will die of heartbreak.

Thank you.

Craig Hickman
Winthrop, Maine

So far, no response.

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wbg said...

I keep my fingers crossed!!!!!!!