Sunday, January 04, 2009

Sunday With Lizz - Nature Boy

Majestic. Poetic. Hypnotic.

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Anonymous said...

I first heard Lizz on our local jazz station in 2003 shortly after the release of her first CD, Salt. By the next day I had my own copy... exactly five years ago this month I snagged $10 tickets to her 10pm show at Yoshi's here in Oakland. She was, as you have written, "majestic" with a depth and maturity that belied the fact it was her 24th birthday. I saw her again at Yoshi's a few months ago at the release party for her "Orchard" CD. She had cancelled her performance the night before as she was sick, but made the Saturday night show. She came on stage wrapped in a blanket with a bottle of orange juice, and still sung her heart out. She is a truly a lady.