Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Ball

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WE ARRIVED at the Biden Home States Ball in plenty of time to see our beautiful new dignitaries. Hubby was providing minute-by-minute coverage of the President and First Lady's whereabouts from back home via cell phone, so James and I thought we had to rush to the ball in order not to miss them, but we didn't.

The atmosphere was joyous and electric. The food was horrible. Pasta. Crudite. Room temperature chicken pinwheels. Where were the crabcakes?

The drinks were expensive but we had too many anyway.

The Vice President and his wife showed up first. Jill Biden worked her red gown. I couldn't stop taking pictures. Half hour or so later, the President and First Lady arrived. To hear "Hail to The Chief" played by the band before he walked onto the stage set my skin on fire. I'd have taken more snapshots, but I was busy shooting video on a digital camera that malfunctioned. Oh, well. The memory of it all is burned into my mind.

We were about 20 feet from the President and First Lady and I can say that Michelle Obama's dress looked much better in person than it does in any photographs. I wasn't a fan of the one-sided top, but she was regal and elegant as always.

President Obama was so close his voice resonated in my body when he spoke a few words to us. A woman behind me kept gasping as though she was going to faint. Cameras flashed like fireworks.

After more drinks, the band Maroon 5 came out to perform. I didn't know it at the time, but hubby informed me that it are one of the favorite bands of my favorite tennis player Andy Roddick.

Without warning, I stopped feeling my legs. I never took the nap I planned after the inauguration because I watched the parade on TV at Marianne's house. Now my body was crashing faster than surf.

How many places a day can go.

I took a few pictures with Jay Carney, the former Time Magazine reporter who'd just been tapped as the new communications director for the Vice President. He was the closest thing to a celebrity I recognized all night.

But I didn't care.

I got to feel President Barack Hussein Obama's voice resonate in my bones.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you, Craig! This was great.

You looked handsome in your tux and the bee hive was fly!

Thanks for bringing us along with you...

rikyrah said...


another great post. Thank you for taking us with you on your journey. You clean up good, my Brotha. loved the little flair that you brought to the uniform tux.

Craig Hickman said...

My pleasure, you two. My pleasure.

Anonymous said...

Great pics Craig. I could actually feel your emotion in your words.

And I agree, you look fly. Love the funky bow tie.

mrjames said...

snap crackle and pop!
and all because i jumped at an empty seat in a car.
what a ride from start to finish, magic was in the air!
Thank you my friend, for a time i'll never forget.

Anonymous said...

Amazing! You look so happy.


muriel may campbell said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and pictures of the Ball.
Still haven't gotten used to hearing the term 'President Obama'. Feels wonderful. Such history being made. We're grateful to catch the overflow of your being so close to it. Keep it coming.
You looked quite handsome in your tux and your bee hive do.