Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cyd Charisse, 1922 - 2008

REST in peace.


Lenoxave said...

I loved her grace and elegance. She and Gene Kelly were a fab team. I grew up watching old movies. She will be missed.

muriel may campbell said...

I came across this, source unknown, thought it touches the magic of a great dance team:

The intended message of the "Dancing in the Dark" number in "Bandwagon" was that nothing is as true and honest as two dancers at the height of their art, performing what seem to be simple moves away from any crowd and translating emotion into elegant movement. Ms. Charisse and Fred Astaire did just that. On the other side of the emotional spectrum, she was the sultry gun moll and reverie bride opposite Gene Kelly in the energetic "Broadway Melody" number near the end of "Singing in the Rain," her long legs and torso as emotive as her exquisitely beautiful face. She danced seduction and she danced purity as well as anyone ever did in cinema. Ms. Charisse, who was born Tula Ellice Finklea in Amarillo, Texas.

Craig Hickman said...

Yes, yes, yes. Both of you.