Saturday, November 08, 2008

A Night To Remember

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Anonymous said...

One thing that has been learned is that the USA is not as bigoted and racist as it has been portrayed by the world. In fact the world is far more racist than they themselves believe to be. A great point was made many times over in many papers around the world, Read:

"Let us also congratulate America, its ideals and its people. I did not think Americans were capable of electing a black, or even part-black, person to the highest office in the land. But they have shown that indeed they were.

And let us be honest: which other society is ready to elect an “outsider” to lead it, a man with a skin colour that is not that of the majority; a man with a strange and unfamiliar and suspicious name; an outsider who will command its armed forces?

Certainly, those more venerable countries of Europe who often show such disdain for America could not have done this. Certainly, we in Kenya are not ready to elect a white or brown or yellow man, and may never be. We aren’t even ready to elect an African woman."

I maintain that it is, and always has been, a great honor to be an American! And on this day, even more so. No other country in the world can say that with conviction.

- Sheila