Thursday, July 02, 2009

Where Is The Sun?

I SWEAR it used to shine in Maine. Now it's like a tropical spring. I can't remember the last time the sun shone and it's not scheduled to make an appearance through July 11.

And it won't stop raining. My plants are literally going to drown.



Beth said...

Craig, I hear you. I'm all about Mother Nature taking care of business but come ON! The rain is getting beyond ridiculous. I am seriously going into a mental hibernation mode at this point. We need some SUN!!!!

muriel may campbell said...

Hey Craig,
We will try and get to the farm sometime today, missing the gang and have to plant another cilantro :-)

It almost looks like the sun is trying to break through, yes?

breathing, still

keep the faith



wbg said...

Oooh, Craig, I'll send you some Dutch sunshine ...we have had so much the last week!!!And it is still going on:))

Elize said...

if you want sun.....we can come over work in April!

Elize said...

of course i wanted to say: it WORKED in April....