Saturday, July 25, 2009

Grace Loren

I SUPPOSE it's baby season. My teeny tiny premature baby niece was born by emergency C-section yesterday afternoon. She's 25 weeks, less than two pounds, and just over a foot long.

Pray for Grace.


wbg said...

Congratulation with your o so little niece.
I don't pray, but you can be sure she and your sister will be in my thoughts!!!!

Elize said...

Congratulations on being an uncle (again)! I am sorry to read that Grace is born so premature....just like Wilma said: I don't pray but you all will be in my thoughts.

muriel may campbell said...

It is with a heavy heart that we rejoice in Grace Lauren's birth. We pray Gina and little one are getting the best care hospitals can offer.
Our thoughts are with you both today as well as your entire family.
How is your Mom doing, Craig?
How are you and Jop doing?
Is there anything that we can do?
We are planning to return home tonight so I guess we will call you on Monday instead of today
Take care and know that we are with you all in thought and prayer



Beth said...

May God hold and nurture tiny Grace in his arms and give her the strength and will to 'stand' on her own in the weeks to come.