Sunday, July 26, 2009

Annabessacook Farm


Beth said...

Craig, really enjoyed seeing the video of the farm. Made me want to get in my car and drive north NOW. There must be a real sense of peace, serenity and groundedness working and owning a farm. The hard work, the time and the effort it takes to maintain your crops and must not only give you the sense of being connected to earth/nature but a tremendous amount of satisfaction at growing, caring for and harvesting your own foods. I loved the chickens running up to the fence when the camera was coming toward them....and the sheep bahhhhing at your dog (what is his/her name - your dog?) Just a really great video. I felt like I was meditating my way through. Thank you!

Craig Hickman said...

Our dog's name is JB.

The chickens probably thought the camera was a treat of some table scraps or some such. Whenever we walk near, they assume they're about to be fed!

I'm really trying to live in paradise up here.

Get in that care and come on!

Anonymous said...

How charming!...

Are the goats for milk?..

In Jamaica, goats are raised mostly for the meat...I don't recall much milk or cheese.

Here's some useless trivia to clutter up your brain: In Jamaica, a person is said to have a "goat mouth" whenever they say something negative, it always comes true. That's because goats kill plants they bite..or so my G-mother used to say.

In certain areas the soil is literally dark orange...they grow lots of carrots and red kidney beans there...ironically. They pile the carrots into a metal drum full of water, dip their arms in up to the elbows and roll the carrots around to wash off the soil before sending to market.

Your farm is beautiful, Craig.

Anonymous said...

..I listened to this with Thelonious and Miles playing in the background!..



Craig Hickman said...

Yes, Truth, one of the goats is for milk. The other two are pets.

I love stewed goat, but I'm too in love with the animals to kill them for food. Not that I don't do that, but just not with these particular animals.