Friday, May 29, 2009

The View From Here


wbg said...

Yesss, the greenhouse is 'working'!!!!
And the others 'farmers' are doing....?????

Craig Hickman said...


The farm hands are digging sod clumps out of the dirt.

Elize said...

Uncle Craig! WOW....your plants are growing!

...and...did they start on the golfcourse?

muriel may campbell said...

Looking fabulous Craig!
And if it does not rain or even if it does, planting in the field, next weekend?

Thank you for all of your support as well as the hub's. You are both very hard workers, in the field! :-D

I think I am actually getting excited about the garden after seeing how much everything has grown, especially the flowers!

We should have enough of a cutting garden to be able to bring some fresh flowers to the nursing home or shut in's this summer or just random people that need a lift
these are the thoughts that run through my head.

yes! we can

Beth said...

Whatcha got growin' in there? What else will you be planting?

Craig Hickman said...

Elize, they started moving the lawn for the golf course.


Em, that sounds like a great idea.


Beth, I've got a little bit of everything growing in there. I'm going to do a separate post of pictures when the field is all planted and list the crops.

Stay tuned.