Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Marriage Equality In Maine

The Maine house voted to enact marriage equality 89-57. The bill goes back to the senate for its final enactment tomorrow. Our governor is still sitting on the fence about whether he will sign, veto, or allow it become law without his signature. My GOP rep in my GOP district gave the most moving testimony of the day and voted in favor of its passage. A beautiful thing. ABC interviewed me after.


Beth said...

Craig....I hope that it goes through, as it should, without a hitch. Is it possible to find a transcript of the GOP reps thoughts? I'd be really interested to read them.

Elize said...

..one step closer...

Thank you again for the great time! We loved it!

Elize said...

I just read he SIGNED??? and it passed?!?


muriel may campbell said...

Good work Craig. I have been watching to see if we can catch you on ABC.
We are really proud of all of you that worked hard for change.


A big shout out for our Governor.

The opposition will have a difficult time collecting 55K+ signatures.

Craig Hickman said...

Beth, I just read your message. I haven't been able to locate a transcript of the hearings.