Friday, May 15, 2009

Hyacinth And Wooden Clogs

A DUTCH woman looks at a flower mosaic featuring US president Barack Obama during the flower days in Limmen, on May 12, 2009. During these days villagers present mosaics made of thousands hyasinths in their gardens. The event started at May 9 and end at May 14.


muriel may campbell said...

The Dutch have a good message for all of America, that being, not to bail out on our President but instead, hold him in sweet grace, create flower mosaic's and endure through these times, when hope seems illusive, take heart, this too shall pass
and we will succeed in putting people ahead of complexes.
A shout out to the author of the JJP post... comparing our birth certificate's to our right for marriage certificates.

This is a real test for democracy and with every voice who dares to participate in the discussion, we get a little closer to that end.

Thank you for the reminder, Craig
Our best to you and Jop

Yes! we can


Beth said...

That is beyond stunning. Simply amazing.