Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The View From Here

Hubby did all the really hard work. He loves to build things.


wbg said...

Wow, awesome!!! Let it grow, let it grow!!!

muriel may campbell said...

Very nice photo journal
the only thing missing is a picture of the two of you next to the greenhouse you built.

awesome indeed
let the garden grow

today is going to be hot and sunny and tonight is the meeting in town
7-8pm, a time to give voice to anything important that a citizen would like addressed by our President, this is the place to be, tonight
bring a prepared statement to turn in at the end of the exchange and hope for the best

I even received a letter from Obama asking for Medical journals and he has promised to read the signatures and stories as flagged by his staff.
He has not given up, not by a long shot

Yes, we can


I will include the statement on what Obama could sign into law, giving civil marriage full federal benefits, something Obama has expressed a positive position on, despite what the news outlets say

Beth said...

Great before/after shots. Hope you have a great growing season!