Sunday, February 22, 2009

The 81st Annual Academy Awards

(This post is stolen straight from rikyrah at JJP. She did my work for me and I thank her!)

TONIGHT is Oscar Night.

There are two Black Actresses nominated this year:

Viola Davis for Doubt


Taraji P. Henson for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button


Here is a the list for All Black Nominees in the Academy’s History.

Winner Acceptance Speeches

Hattie McDaniel, Best Supporting Actress - 1939, Gone With The Wind

Sidney Poitier, Best Actor- 1963, Lilies of the Field

Cuba Gooding, Jr., Best Supporting Actor - 1996, Jerry Maguire

Denzel Washington, Best Actor - 2001, Training Day

Halle Berry, Best Actress - 2001, Monster’s Ball

Sidney Poitier Accepting an Honorary Oscar - 2001

Jamie Foxx, Best Actor - 2004, Ray

Morgan Freeman, Best Supporting Actor - 2004, Million Dollar Baby

Forest Whitaker, Best Actor -2006, Last King of Scotland

Jennifer Hudson, Best Supporting Actress- 2006, Dreamgirls

Isaac Hayes, Winning Best Original Song for Shaft -1972

Could not find videos for the Best Supporting Actor Wins of Louis Gossett, Jr - 1982, An Officer and a Gentleman and Denzel Washington - 1989, Glory or Whoopi Goldberg, Best Supporting Actress - 1990, Ghost.


This is the first time in my adult life I haven't seen a single film or performance nominated for an Academy Award.

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muriel may campbell said...

We would have been disappointed had Slum Dog not won for best picture.
It is a film worthy of all things good, coming from this heart wrenching film about love over powering all things less worthy.

Please thank rikyrah at JJP for the great review of the awards ceremony; we missed the entire event so we will enjoy this lovely and emotionally charged feast for the eyes and ears, this evening

Thank you Craig, for passing this on to all of us, including such a rich collection of acceptance speeches from past years.

I have to mention Hattie McDonald's acceptance speech. We have heard it many times and never get through it without crying.
She was such a gracious women who chose her words wisely, offering everyone an opportunity to hear an actress, a self actualized women who expressed a desire to "use her Academy Award as a beacon of hope for everything she did in the future"
She was a blessing to us all.