Monday, December 08, 2008

It's My Birthday

That's all.


wbg said...

Lang zal hij, lang zal hij leven in de gloria!!!!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear brother in law!!!!
Love and kisses

muriel may campbell said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Craig

We enjoyed your blog this week beginning with the Thanksgiving blessing!

Putting on a dinner for a party like that is a lot of work, for two people. We are not surprised it went so well, you are a natural in the kitchen and you put your guests at ease.

Sounds and looks like a truly great meal, then again, having had one of your specially prepared dinners, we know. One bite is worth a thousand ... I don't know what - calories in this case I guess. But oh, you do have a way with food.

We hope you have had a wonder-full birthday today... :-)
and, thank you for helping to bring a point of view to topics in a thoughtful, heartfelt and honest way.
I would venture to say your dad is smiling still.

We will talk soon

Anonymous said...

hope you had a great day!!!

(have been sick in bed yesterday, couldn't bring myself to sit at the computer)