Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Big Gamble

GOOD FIND. Obama gambles on Hillary Clinton (Financial Times): This is about as diplomatic an expression of how I feel about her as Secretary of State as I've read anywhere:

[...] the main question is whether Mrs Clinton can subordinate not just her opinions but also her political ambitions to making the Obama administration a success. That must be in doubt. Her husband's financial entanglements and irrepressible flair for scandal are further potential pitfalls. In weighing all this and choosing her regardless, Mr Obama has taken quite a risk -- one that, in our view, is difficult to justify.

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Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

Good post, Craig. I'm going to put this quot on my blog at daddyBstrong and let everyone know I got it from you.

Yes. One can rationale keeping Gates on as Secretary of Defense for the sake of continuity. But appointing Ms. Clinton, who has managed poorly everything she has been involved in-- the White House staff, the healthcare crusade, her own campaign (until the last couple of months)-- is a mistake. It's not about competence. It's about ego, ambition, and a husband who has questionable dealings with other countries and who doesn't want to leave the political limelight.