Saturday, January 05, 2008

Going To The Chapel....

MY BIG LITTLE SISTER is going to get married. And I'm nervous. I never thought she was going to get married. I take that back. I thought she'd get married but only after Daddy died. (Her picture would be beside Daddy's Little Girl in the dictionary.) But I never thought it would be this soon. But as a wise friend of mine said, divorce and/or marriage follow death like spring follows winter. And almost as fast.

When she called me two months after Daddy transitioned and said that she was getting married, I said, "To whom?"

I knew it wasn't the man she had been dating for several years, the man who was there for her when we put Daddy in the ground. The man I will always call my brother-in-law because that's how much he means to me.

No. It was a man from Malibu who I'd never met, a man she met a decade ago, a man she reconnected with soon after Daddy passed. Gina has been practically living in California since the summer and now she is about to jump the broomstick with the man that is her dream.

And I'll be walking her down the aisle and "giving her away," though she's not mine to give.

So, beloved sister, here's to life, here's to love, here's to you.

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wbg said...

Hope it was a beautiful wedding?