Thursday, November 23, 2006


I am grateful for the exquisite meal I've just inhaled: beer-brined, pesto-encrusted roasted turkey, juicier than a rotisserie chicken, with giblet gravy that made me wanna slap somebody; fresh cranberry ginger relish; sausage and apricot dressing; ghetto green beans with smoked turkey wing; macaroni & cheese with six cheeses and a puree of secrets; and orange-candied yams. No dinner rolls necessary. I forgot to cook the creamed pearl onions, but they weren't missed. Later, I'll indulge in a sinful wedge of Heaven's Cheesecake with a side of brandy-spiked egg nog.

I'm grateful for the friends and my dearest husband who are cleaning up the kitchen as I sit and type this, and my lovely family in Milwaukee who I'll call while eating dessert. Not to mention a whole host of birth relatives all over the country who probably won't get a phone call but who, nonetheless, live vividly in my heart this evening.

Mostly, I'm grateful for the gift of my health. As I sit and reminisce about all of my ancestors and my close friends who are now ancestral, I must be thankful for still being here, alive and well and enjoying this heaven on earth.

And last, but certainly not least, I'm grateful for all of you for stopping by and reading my musings.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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