Friday, February 11, 2005

Just As I am

I just watched the episode of "ER" with the same title as this post, and I was in awe. At first I thought, wow, did they get this story right. Carrie, the lesbian doctor, is reunited with her birth mother, a devout Christian. Of course, Carrie isn't able to reveal her sexual identity to her birth mother right away. She is too overwhelmed and surprised by meeting her. When she finally does reveal all of who she is, her birth mother says it's wrong and wants to pray with her and blames herself, wondering if her firstborn is lesbian because she abandoned her at birth.

Exactly like my own story. Right down to the dialogue.

And that's when I wondered... did the writer(s) of this episode get a hold of my manuscript or my galleys some time ago? Or was this just some cosmic coincidence? My own life some archetype for the lives of other gay & lesbian adult adoptees?

Probably the latter. But how could the dialogue have been so similar, almost verbatim at times?

I'll have to sleep on this.

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