Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Another Week, Another 20 Books Sold...

Our new baby goat didn't make it. Two days after it was born, it soared to divinity and left Mattie, it's gentle mother, crying for three days. She's back to normal now and so are we.

A few readers were kind enough to post 5-star reviews of the book at Amazon.com and BN.com and I'm excited. A woman called up from her vacation in Florida to leave a message about how much she enjoyed the book. Said she couldn't wait until she returned home to Massachusetts to talk to me about it. Said it was "exquisitely written."

I'm truly humbled.

A nearby woman has ordered her fourth copy, having send the first three to friends. Called to say she still hadn't read it, but would most likely keep the fourth copy for herself, but "don't count on it." Love that.

All in all, promotions are going well. Press releases have found their way into Internet media outlets. Editors are requesting review copies. An old friend and college compatriot took it upon himself to add a post to his blog. If knew HTML better, I'm sure I could post a link here in this window, but his name is Matt Florence, his blog is called Still eggplant.... and he's in San Francisco. Check out his blog. He's doing great work out on the other coast.

Till next time,

Peace and Love....

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