Thursday, April 16, 2009


Generally speaking, traditional
conservatives don't consider
a progressive tax code

Generally speaking,
right wing extremists
do, though.

Fanaticism has
infected conservatism
like a retrovirus.

Ronald Reagan's legacy.


em said...

Did you write this Craig?

It is very true

We considered ourselves conservative liberals, then progressive, conservative, and finally, after Jimmy Carter lost to RR, we went full force into calling it nurturing nature and the whole earth, caring not about policy for political or personal agenda; increased our volunteerism and decreased our political involvement.

I never considered that the "they" we battle in the dark, would stoop to greed and well as hang on to their prejudges out of fear and guilt? I do not know.

Learned a good lesson

We should always check in with the other point of view, just to keep us all honest, yes

Nuff said

as I posted somewhere this morning, think it is time to focus on the spring, healing and meditating on life
Our Justice Dept is doing the job we want done so I can let go of it, now

The ideological right used rhetoric to make liberal a dirty word and the R party the saviors.
it was our own fault
in the beginning

Yes, we can

Craig Hickman said...

Yes, I wrote that.