Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dutch Family Arrives

Jaap-Willem and Eliza, Job's niece from eldest sister, arrived last night from the Netherlands.


wbg said...

Wish you all a great time together!!

Beth said...

I hope you have a fantastic time with your in-laws/family! Enjoy!

em said...

Welcome to America, Jaap-Willem and Eliza.

We hope you had a pleasant flight.
We echo Wilma's sentiment. I am sure you will have a ball!

Today's weather could not be more perfect, so enjoy all things Maine!


Thanks for the note,you brought a smile to my face. As far as your poetry goes.....
You are too modest
Some of your best prose is as rich in verse as Auden or as introspective as Plath with even deeper complexity and sensitivity.


I hope you can take some time off to be with your family and do something completely spontaneous, like hang gliding,no?
Well, at least a picnic