Saturday, April 11, 2009

Opening The Earth aka The Wedding Song

WHEN the weather breaks, stand before
the unquilted stretch of land and gaze directly
across into your lover’s eyes. Resist the half-second
instinct to blink.

Ready yourself
for designing earth too hard to chop. Remove the
gloves of shame. Clip the nails of fear. Fall,
in unison, to your knees. Fertilize the earth with
raw honesty.

Weed out
dissension. Plot vegetables and flowers
and talk about the colors that will
bloom. Water often with fluid from
a red, red heart.

imperfection. When needed, rest in solitude
near the tree-rooted corner. Surrender
to the half-second instinct to blink.
Pray. Pray.

Pray. Refreshed,
work steadfast till night’s star-nailed,
pewter close. Lie in your lover’s arms. Gaze
once more into his eyes. Anoint each other
with moonlight.

Sleep in the
dream-blossomed embrace of rich harvests
to come. Crack open fever-bright
eyes and awaken to morning’s
sun-forged opening.

Begin again.

1 comment:

em said...

I do not remember reading this poem in FTD.
Was this your wedding song ?
Absolutely beautiful

Have a Happy hoppy Easter, both

Be well

what an unusual water's edge photo, really dark but not scary
reminds me of
"Where the Wild Things Are" by Maurice Sendak