Thursday, September 03, 2009

Organic Soy Milk

Just finished making a batch from the first round of our soybean harvest.

It's green. Like key lime pie.

Even the organic soy milk you buy at the health food store has been colorized. I guess the producers figure no one wants to drink green milk.

I do.

It's fabulous. Tastes like a large cool glass of good health.

The animals are going to love the okara, the ground up hulls of the soybean itself.

The farm stand is busy.

I could get used to this.


Anonymous said...

How weird...just the other day I was looking through my cookbooks and came across instructions to make soy milk... you know those

I made a mental note to try it. It seems a very small amount of soybeans makes a couple litres.

Maybe your soybeans were fresh?..I assume you can use dried ones too?

Did you sweeten it at all?

Craig Hickman said...

I used fresh soybeans. I sweeten it with a dollop of organic maple syrup.

Craig Hickman said...

125 grams of whole soybeans make a litre of milk.

Beth said...

That's fantastic...busy is good. What else are you selling at the stand? Love soymilk but it doesn't agree with me. Think I may have an intolerance to it (that and peanut butter give me acne). I am so glad you are doing this for yourself and others....I was just telling my husband that groceries are so expensive it makes me want to own my own livestock and grow my own vegetables.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info, Craig.

Heh..I'll let you know how it turns out..