Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson Is Dead

FEEL as though the entire tapestry of my coming of age has been ripped from the walls in a single 48-hour period.

Ed, Farrah and Michael, all gone.

Have mercy.


Elize said...

growing up in the 80's and 90's made him such a big part of my life. I wasn't a huge fan, but liked most of his songs. Every song brings back memories, emotions and feelings of those days. has been a rollercoasterride ...

"Man in the mirror" is his best song, the first time I heard this song, my eyes started to produce tears. Back then it had such a huge impact on me, the video, the words, the music. I listened to it today and it still has the same effect on me.

Beth said...

His music, his image, his influence shaped the musical souls of all of us in the 80's. I was knocked speechless when my husband told me of the reports of his death. Could not believe it. I hope he has passed to another level of existence where the pain and suffering he experienced here has transformed to a higher level of being for him beyond this realm. God bless and RIP.