Sunday, October 31, 2010

I Ask For Your Vote

Dear Neighbor,

My name is Craig Hickman. Over the past months, I’ve traveled all over Readfield and Winthrop and heard stories from hundreds of people. I’m grateful that you’ve taken the time to join me in an important conversation—one about the great promise that our community holds, about how to grow our community so Maine can remain the way life should be.

As an organic farmer, I know a little something about growing things. It takes a season of planting, watering, and weeding. When all the backbreaking work is done, it’s time to harvest the crop and enjoy the literal fruits of our labor. And it’s good for us. Way better than any processed junk we can buy at the grocery store or feed our children in school. Growing community takes the same great effort. I’ve done my best to visit with as many folks as I can—of all parties, from all walks of life—and hear what’s important to you. Sorry if I didn’t make it to your door in person. Annabessacook Farm is my livelihood and so I didn’t get to meet as many of you as I would like.

Still, I discovered that what’s important to me has also been important to you. I know that, despite the hard work of running an organic farm and bed & breakfast—campaigning all the while—it’s been more than worth it. Now, we’re down to the final hours before Election Day, and I ask for your vote.

I need your vote.

I need your vote as a small business owner. You see, the regulations that small businesses face every day are making it difficult for us to stay in business. Many small businesses don’t. I bet you know a small business that struggles, even though everyone works like a dog to keep it afloat. The regulations mostly help big corporations make bigger profits (as if big corporations need help making bigger profits) and if a few Davids have to lose, well, who cares? Send me to Augusta so I can fight the Goliaths who blunt the growth of our local economies.

I need your vote as a steward of our environment. Ten years ago, I came to Maine for a place to write my adoption reunion memoir. The light drew me to this place. Scintillating, intense, and magical light—like no light I’ve ever seen. I fell in love with it. And so I stayed. Our lakes and streams and forests, our sky-blue skies and star-nailed nights—all the natural wonder that makes Maine one of God’s most beautiful creations—sustain me. Send me to Augusta so I can continue that stewardship and preserve our special light, our quality of place, for generations to come.

Running this year has given some of you a tough choice. If I waited two more years, it might’ve been easier. But I couldn’t wait. How many more businesses in our towns will close in two years? How many won’t get off the ground? I simply had to do something, and whether or not it’s the right time politically, it’s time for a new beginning.

My late father, Hazelle Hickman, a Tuskegee Airman, who always wanted me to become a public servant, always told me to seize the moment. That time waits for no one. So, here I am. Asking for your vote.

On Tuesday, November 2, 2010, vote to send me to Augusta and let’s make history.

Only in Maine could I have been treated so kindly. I believe we’ll win. I need you to believe it, too. I need your vote. I will be humbled to serve you. I’ll cherish these many months—and all your stories—no matter what.

Thank you. Take care of your blessings.

Craig V. Hickman

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Wilma said...

Hi Craig.

I keep my fingers crossed for you tomorrow:))
Go go go!!!!