Monday, August 30, 2010

Annabessacook Farm In The Boston Sunday Globe

THIS article, entitled With a map and a mission: 500 miles, 10 days, 1 bike, appeared in the Boston Sunday Globe today. It features Annabessacook Farm. It promotes Annabessacook Farm. At least I think it does. And it's very well-written. Yes. I remember the biker/writer. She really did enjoy her breakfast. Took some trail mix with her for the road. Simply fabulous that she would write about her experience here so.

The part about us goes like this:

The lakes region is within a day’s ride of Portland. Had I not gotten lost it would have been a gentle start. I spent my first night in Winthrop, a faded resort town that straddles Annabessacook and Maranacook lakes, a good jumping-off point for the area. Serious bike tourers camp out, but I was glad to sink into a mattress every night and start the day with a feast. Friendly Annabessacook Farm Bed and Breakfast served a particularly fresh spread: homemade goats’ milk yogurt, granola, and just-laid eggs. Another way that cycling beats driving: You can eat all you want.

We do like to fill up our guests with lots of hearty, wholesome, homemade food.

Don't you want some?

Come and get it.

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